Monday, October 25, 2010

Set Main Page Category to Open on Zen Cart

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In this Zen Cart tutorial you will learn how to set a category to display on the main page of your Zen Cart ecommerce store instead of the default main page so that your store always opens at that category.

There may be occasions when you want to display a particular category to customers on entering your store instead of the home page.

Consider the following scenarios -

Scenario 1
You run a book store and your most popular category is crime fiction. You decide to increase your sales by greeting customers with this category instead of the usual home page.

Scenario 2
Your picture books sales are flagging and you decide to discount your books by 5% to increase sales. Your category structure is "children's books > picture books". How do you set a subcategory to display on the home page by default?

How do you go about changing your main page to a chosen category? Follow these step by step instructions

  1. Log into the admin page of your Zen Cart store

  2. Open your online catalog and navigate to the category you wish to display on your main page when the customer first arrives. Look at the top of your browser to see what number has been assigned to the category. In this example the category number is 10 but you would use what the actual number is.

    If you wish to use a subcategory then navigate to that subcategory and note the numbers. In this example it is 10_20. 10 being the top category and 20 the number assigned by Zen Cart to the subcategory

  3. Go to Configuration > Layout Settings

  4. Scroll down to the Categories - Always Show on Main Page and set to 1. Click on the update button.

  5. Then just below that line you will see Main Page - Opens with Category. Change that to corresponding number for the category you wish to show on the main page. For instance if your category number is 10 as in the previous example you would enter 10. If you wish to use a subcategory then you would change it to 10_20 in the previous subcategory example. You would of course need to use the correct category number for your store. Remember to click on the update button

  6. Go to the online catalog and click on home and you will see that the main page of your store now opens with listings from your desired category.

In this Zen Cart tutorial I have shown you how to set your Zen Cart store to always open to show a particular category or subcategory. Enjoy!

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