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How to Change the Date of Birth Field to Optional in Zen Cart

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In this Zen Cart tutorial you will learn an easy way to change the required date of birth field into an optional one in Zen Cart. By default a customer's date of birth information is collected during the account creation process. However, there are many instances when you may wish to either turn off the DOB field or alternatively make it optional for customers to supply their date of birth details.

In this easy step by step guide I show you how to:

  • Turn off the default date of birth field at customer sign up

  • Change date of birth field from mandatory to optional so customers have a choice about whether to supply DOB information at sign up.

Zen Cart Requires Date of Birth Information By Default

Zen Cart Customer Sign Up Date of Birth Required
  1. How to Turn Off the DOB Field in Zen Cart

    1. Sign in to Zen Cart admin

    2. Go to Configuration > Customer Details

    3. Change the Date of Birth field to FALSE

  2. How to Change Date of Birth Field to Optional in Zen Cart

    1. Sign in to Zen Cart admin

    2. Go to Configuration > Customer Details

    3. Make sure the Date of Birth field is set to TRUE

    4. Go to Configuration > Minimum Values

    5. Change the Date of Birth to blank (not zero)

      Zen Cart Configuration Mininum Value Date of Birth Set to Blank

    6. In your Zen Cart store either by FTP or using File Manager edit the following language file


      or if you already have an override file make sure you edit the override file instead rather than the core file


    7. Remove the red asterisk (star) by changing this line

      define('ENTRY_DATE_OF_BIRTH_TEXT', '* (eg. 05/21/1970)');


      define('ENTRY_DATE_OF_BIRTH_TEXT', '(eg. 05/21/1970)');

    8. Remember to save your changes

    9. Now when you go to the customer registration or log in page in your Zen Cart store you will see that the DOB field is still displayed by the red asterisk denoting a required field has been deleted. Just to be sure do a dummy sign up to test that your changes to the date of birth field have been successful

      Zen Cart Customer Sign Up Date of Birth Optional

This simple change to your Zen Cart store will mean that you will no longer aggravate customers to your shop by asking them for date of birth details that they are reluctant to give. And better customer relations means more sales. Enjoy!

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