Friday, February 11, 2011

Extra Field to Customer Sign Up Zen Cart

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Zen Cart contribution test. Today I tested the Extra Fields for Customer Sign Up (Create Account) Page add on contribution for Zen Cart. I installed this on my test Zen Cart store which is running v1.3.9g.

I am happy to report that this 3rd party Zen cart add on contribution module worked well and enabled me to add an extra field to insert an additional phone number.

I did however have to manually change all the core files because I have already made significant modifications to my Zen Cart store.

The instructions on this contribution are good and the support thread is active.

Core Files that are changed are:


Files that are Modified Using the Zen Cart Override System:


Note I had to make copies of the files first as they weren't already being overridden. Copied from includes/templates/template_default/templates directory to my templates folder

Download Extra Fields for Customer Sign Up (Create Account) Page contribution for Zen Cart

Main Support Thread for this Zen Cart contribution

Additional Support Thread for this Zen Cart contribution

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