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How to Display Your Own Logo in Zen Cart Admin

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In today's Zen Cart tutorial I discuss how to replace the default Zen Cart logo with your own logo in Zen Cart admin so that your company logo appears on packing slips and invoices for your Zen Cart ecommerce store. The new logo will also head the top of your Zen Cart admin when logged in and any reports generated from the reports menu.

Changing the Zen Cart admin logo to your own logo is one of the musts of customizing your Zen Cart store. It only takes a couple of minutes to change the logo and yet it is a big step in making your Zen Cart store unique.

Follow the steps below to replace the admin logo in Zen Cart:

How to Replace the Logo in Zen Cart Admin with Your Own Logo

  1. Create your own logo for your Zen Cart store if you don't have one already. In most cases it is best to use the same logo as your store front logo for consistency.

  2. Using FTP or your server's File Manager upload feature upload your logo to the following directory of your Zen Cart store:


    If you have renamed your admin directory for security reasons then go to the renamed directory that contains the admin of your Zen Cart store. For example:


  3. Find the image named logo.gif

  4. Rename logo.gif to logo_original.gif or alternatively you can delete it

  5. Now rename the logo that you just uploaded to logo.gif

  6. Log in to Zen Cart admin

  7. To check the logo is working properly go to admin > reports. Each report will now be headed by your own logo.

  8. Also check packing slips and invoices by navigating to a customer order customers > orders and then select a single customer. Click on invoice and packing slip respectively to check your new logo is displaying in the top right hand corner.

In today's Zen Cart tutorial you have learned how to replace the logo that appears in the admin of your Zen Cart store so that any reports, invoices or packing slips bear your own logo and not the default Zen Cart logo. Good luck!

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