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How to Change More Information Pages and Sidebox in Zen Cart

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In today's Zen Cart tutorial I show you how to change the more information pages and sidebox in Zen Cart to suit your individual requirements. You will learn how to customize the more information pages and specifically learn to:

  • change the content of a more information page (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4)

  • add a hyperlink to the more information page

  • turn the more information sidebox on and off

  • change the status of a more information page in Zen Cart admin

  • change the title and label of the more information page

  • change the heading of the more information sidebox

The changes to Zen Cart will take only a few minutes and are easy to implement provided you follow these step by step instructions.

How to Change the Content of the More Information Sidebox and Pages in Zen Cart

  1. In Zen Cart admin go to Tools > Define Pages Editor

  2. Select one of these pages to edit:


    depending on your individual needs

  3. Change the existing text to your own. Notice how I have kept the page spacing by only changing the text denoted in blue

    <p><strong>Page 3 Sample Text ...</strong></p>
    <p>This section of text is from the Define Pages Editor located under Tools in the Admin.</p>
    <p>To remove this section of the text, delete it from the Define Pages Editor.</p>


    <p>Other webpages you may also be interested in:</p>
    <p><a href="">Zen Cart Tutorials</a></p>

  4. In the above example I have added a hyperlink. To duplicate the hyperlink just copy the link in blue and replace the URL address (denoted in purple) and target text (denoted in green) to that of the website you wish to link to

  5. Click on Save to save your changes

  6. If you have turned off the More Information Box in the Layout Boxes Controller you will need to turn it back on to see your page displayed. Go to Tools > Layout Boxes Controller

    Turn on and off Zen Cart More Information Box

  7. If you have changed the define page status to off you will need to turn it on again in Zen Cart admin by going to Configuration > Define Page Status

  8. Under the respective page (Page 2, Page 3 or Page 4) turn on the link and define text by setting to "1"

    Enable the Defined Page 2 Link/Text?
    0= Link ON, Define Text OFF
    1= Link ON, Define Text ON
    2= Link OFF, Define Text ON
    3= Link OFF, Define Text OFF

    Define Page status in Zen Cart via admin
  9. To change the name of the more information page as it appears in the more information sidebox you will need to edit the following Zen Cart file:


    or if you are using a custom template then you will need to edit the file in your custom template directory


  10. Find these lines around 159 - 161

    define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_2', 'Page 2');
    define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_3', 'Page 3');
    define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_4', 'Page 4');

  11. Change the name of the more information page to reflect the content you added in Step 3. Take care to only change the text denoted in blue and leave the single quote marks undisturbed. For example:

    define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_2', 'Links');
    define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_3', 'Page 3');
    define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_4', 'Page 4');

  12. If you wish to change the name of the more information sidebox in Zen Cart edit the following line (around Line 158) as denoted in blue

    define('BOX_HEADING_MORE_INFORMATION', 'More Information');

    to eg

    define('BOX_HEADING_MORE_INFORMATION', 'Other Information');

  13. To change the labels at the top of the more information page (ie breadcrumb and heading) you will also need to edit the actual page file. ie page_2.php, page_3.php or page_4.php. For example if you changed the content of the Page_2 file in Step 3 you will edit that file in


    If you are using a custom template make sure you place a copy in the folder where your custom files reside:


  14. If you have followed the steps above you will notice the following as you navigate around your Zen Cart store:

    • the more information sidebox will now show your custom labels instead of the generic Page 2, Page 3 and Page 4.

    • the title of the sidebox may have changed if you did this in step 12

    • the actual page will now have a new label in the breadcrumb and the heading even though the actual URL address of the page will remain the same

    • the more information page that you changed at Step 3 will now be displaying the content you added

In this Zen Cart tutorial you have learned how to customize the more information pages to reflect your own content rather than the generic content that came with the default install of your Zen Cart store. I have also shown you how to change the labels of the Zen Cart More Information sidebox and more information pages.

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OMG THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I couldn't figure out how to hyperlink my blog on my main webpage. There was no video anywhere on youtube and I searched everywhere. Glad I came across this. Life saver!

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