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Best 10 Social Bookmarking Solutions for Zen Cart. Handpicked Zen Cart Tutorials to help you add a Facebook Like Button, Facebook Fan Page or other social media buttons and boxes to Zen Cart.

It is easy to add social bookmarking share buttons to your Zen Cart store product pages for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus One. Perhaps you already have a like button and want a Facebook Fan Page in a sidebox of your Zen Cart shop. No problem. The modifications to Zen Cart outlined in these Zen Cart tutorials only take a few minutes to implement but will provide invaluable exposure for your Zen Cart e-commerce store. And best of all they are all provided free.

Many Zen Cart webmasters and bloggers have written articles about how to get Facebook like buttons onto a Zen Cart store. Others have instructed in ways of adding Facebook Fan Pages to Zen Cart. Some have also discussed ways to add social media or social bookmarking buttons including Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Google +1 to Zen Cart.

Rather than deliver up the same instructions as everybody else I thought it would be more helpful to compile a list of Zen Cart tutorials that discuss the different ways to place social bookmarking buttons on a Zen Cart store. Remember these links all point to free Zen Cart tutorials that I have personally handpicked because of their quality and clarity.

Not Technical and Would Rather Pay Someone?
Try for all your Zen Cart customizationsHowever if you are not technically minded and don't want to manually change Zen Cart files you can always pay a small fee and have some technical person at implement a Facebook like button or fan page or add social media options on your Zen Cart store. Or for that matter upgrade your Zen Cart store in anyway you would like it customized. Check out here

How to Add a Facebook Like Button to Zen Cart
  1. Picaflor Azul provides details of the simpliest method to get a Facebook like button installed on a Zen Cart store. If you are not technically minded and just want the button this Zen Cart tutorial may work best for you.
    How to Add a Facebook Like Button to Your Product Pages

  2. Numinix walks you through the steps to add Facebook like button code to various Zen Cart files to display a Facebook like button on every product page in a Zen Cart store. Instructions for implementing both XFBML method and the iframe method are given.
    How to add a Facebook like button to your Zen Cart product pages

  3. Kerrin Hardy provides a comprehensive and thorough tutorial on how to add a Facebook like button to Zen Cart to promote a Zen Cart store around the world. Included in the Zen Cart tutorial are details about how to change the meta tags to capture product descriptions and details.
    Add the Facebook Like Button to your Zen Cart store

    If you want to understand how Facebook and Zen Cart work together also see how a Facebook Like button works with a Zen Cart store

  4. has come up with a very nice tweak to ensure that only the product image is shared when a visitor clicks on the Facebook like button in Zen Cart by using Facebook Open Graph Protocol. This tweak assumes you already have a Facebook like button added to your Zen Cart store.
    Product Images for Facebook Like Buttons in Zen Cart

How to Put a Facebook Like Box on Zen Cart
  1. Picaflor Azul takes you through the steps to add a Facebook Like Box to Zen Cart with lots of graphics and easy to follow instructions.
    How to Add a Facebook Like Box to Zen Cart

  2. Kerrin Hardy provides complete step-by-step instructions on how to put a Facebook fan page box on a Zen Cart store. This walk-through has easy to follow steps that will help you add a Facebook Fan Page sidebox on your Zen Cart store in no time.
    Add a Facebook Page Fan Box to your Zen Cart store

    Also check out how to make a Facebook Like Box in Zen Cart visible to everyone

How to Add Social Bookmarking Buttons to Zen Cart
  1. describes a neat Javascript solution for adding Google Plus 1 Google Buzz, Twitter, Facebook and Stumble Upon buttons to a Zen Cart store in one short piece of code.
    Google Plus 1 For Your Zen Cart

  2. Navspan takes a different approach to putting social sharing buttons on a Zen Cart store by suggesting the all in one solution. Beginners will appreciate this thorough discussion on how to add Twitter, Google +1 and Facebook buttons to Zen Cart
    Adding Facebook “Like”, Twitter and Google +1 to Zen Cart™ (How To)

  3. That Software Guy offers instructions on how to add submission buttons for four popular social bookmarking buttons including Furl and Also shows how to add a all in one social bookmarking button.
    Social Bookmarking for Zen Cart

  4. Embryo Design describes a simple way to add Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 buttons to Zen Cart but without displaying count - ie the number of likes or tweets etc. I have included this Zen Cart tutorial for anyone interested in this method but be advised that the image used by Facebook may not be the product image.
    How to place social media links in Zen Cart

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